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and Dr. Tilt alike thought that too little w eight had been laid

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One hundred and forty eight herds or premises have been

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and clinical aspects of blood pressure measurement. The

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fall to a point approximating normal which usually occurs

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dition of the heart or lungs. The iulse remained practi

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chemistry c with a test to prove that it will not support

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special effeets produced upon women b these general

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amination for the assistant to the primary care physician.

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visible bacteria do probably differ among themselves in size.

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is said to have found in tuberculin three substances of

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Dr. Heron and Mr. Macnamara committed to strong dissent from the

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This has been seen in the mare and cow especially in connec

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freely. Moved and seconded that an executive committee be

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reduction of vital energy I was criticised as severely as

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his friend Alph. Lemy. She had a narrow pelvis with

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the redness of congestion due to impeded return from that which

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then put on ice to check further digestion. Do not heat long

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of development. On the other hand since the hybrid offspring of the horse

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slowly decompose in pure water and the same is true if they

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Of the persons over years of age were vaccinated of whom

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pletely. The capsule becomes contracted and the joint cavity may be

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corn. It seems natural for all feeders to want to feed

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means to fiusilitate the study of those important branches of medical

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Some observations on the bacteriology of the Baltimore City

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practice. The success of ccfiliotomy depended upon the

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wall of the pelvis and the vertebral column are hidden.

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it could be carried for miles in the atmosphere. For example the rapid

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patriot a physician in the trust of the nation we are honoring

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matism or the presence of helminths tapeworm ascarides or

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control over these inspections is given to the Board by the pro


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