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The United States Bureau of Animal Industry gives the following
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When the animals are suffering from kidney disease in any form
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a figure of 8 on the opposite horn. Instead of applying such a dressing,
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blood, that I was greatly impressed with the advantage of
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Gramous blood and a drop of yellowish mucous, but no pus, escaped..
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more irregular ,due to accentuation of defective bundle conduc-
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merest chance in the world elicited the simple and child-like narrative
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sociation then passed sundry votes of thanks, listened to some valedictory re-
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cian ; will he most involved in serious thoughts and compas-
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In Normandy, in Franche-Comte, and in England breeders castrate
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The New Jersey Medical Reporter and Transactions of the New
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zone ; 2, middle zone ; 8, inferior zone ; 4, subscapular zone.
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to the growth of bacteria {Bacterium porri) in the superficial layers
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Other causes. Fermented foods, microbian ferments and their pro-
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diseases of the same organ. It may be primary or secondary in
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England was slowly but steadily diminishing, during the eight years
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resembled those of the former disease." — Copland, vol. 1, page 1179.
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times in even worse condition than many of his patients. He
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chloral per pint ; a 1 in 2,000 iodine solution or 20 per cent, to 25 per
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cell strata, and the outer, syncytia] layer. The l.anghans
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Of drugs, sulphate of sodium in doses of 10 to 15 ounces is pro-
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tients become dissatisfied when they do not experience immediate relief, and,


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