Antabuse Eeg

moister atmosphere, as a rain-storm after unusual heat.
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and used until full, containing much useful informa-
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gate of death the vicious circle of her dreams might have been broken,
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confinement to sheds previously occupied by oxen suffering from the
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have rendered it impossible for animals to obtain access to segments or
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report, it appears that the attainment of highest temperature occurred in
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Apart from fractures accompanying general chronic diseases, like
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tonneau thought that the uterine pains were the cause of the other symp-
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some tenacious meterial, which gave way from the accumulation, without
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as the patient whose case I have just sketched. She was directed one
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animal products for long periods, has also been used for preserving
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Several years' experience in connection with this laboratory shows the
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"Rest! That is the word. Here, in rest and sleep, ' tired nature's
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Aromatic infusions and hay tea containing coffee and small quantities
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This aptitude or predisposition is of such importance that in
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is indicated in pa tumonia. For thesi reasons I have adopted a
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Agriculture on the lime-and-sulphur dips: — When properly made and
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Foreign bodies become lodged on the internal surface of the eyelids,
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medical staff, were appalled at the way the cases were coming to
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^ Following the example of human medicine, w^e apply the term
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ergot ; the fetus was thrown oft' within half an hour, and flooding ceased.
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worms in the bronchial tubes, and a number of cases of the disease
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and enormous diffuse abscesses may form at the expense of the
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was we are not accurately informed, but we hope that next time they will get
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may occur in the ox as well as in the sheep and goat.
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to the gathering therefore, one and all, and bring with you enthusiastic souls,
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in order ta give it a potency and effect, certain other conditions must


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