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then receive a full dose of some energetic vermifuge, such as areca nut,
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St. Luke's Hospital Medical and Surgical Reports. Volume
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There is another means which the moral sense repudiates, and in
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extent that required them to be suspended, and which subsided after a
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liberty to publish it, with such corrections as you may deem it to require*
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eruption, so blend or assimilate as to be scarcely distinguishable ; or
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cutting off from the brain, by applying a ligature to the carotid artery,
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genital lesion. There is usually a constant discharge of irritant material.
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late she has menstruated scantily, and at irregular intervals, but the fits
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tions of various kinds, but have not been made the object of special
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few inspirations the subsultus and respiration ceased simultaneously and
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a retrograde flow of blood takes place from a large vein, at the moment this
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brane. The subjacent clot rapidly breaks up in contact with the
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tion of the inhabitants, and with that the ratio of mortality. This taken
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This affection Dr. Wilson considers in three important practical
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at admission; while Qne of our city institutions, retaining splendid med-
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range to another, in a hungry condition, was allowed to feed upon an
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the muscular tissue of the uterus, which also constitutes the pediculated
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April 15th commenced to lay on May 12th, and a few others taken at
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more than twenty feet, in the more inhabitable parts, from a level. It is
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the emptying of the uterus and the development of the growth.
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include, according to the statistical nosology of Mr. Fair, small pox,
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digestion and nutrition). Nor are the effects limited to these appear-
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We see, then, that when dropsy depends upon organic disease, we have
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