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form of a bi-carbonate. Thus pure water will dissolve little or
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is started, the administrator, while explaining to the patient what
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the skin, its course should first be closed by passing one or two deep
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them of a longer duration, I have never seen a more violent action than
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thitherward, to bring back the gold of truth, as well as "yellow dust'' of
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has been generated in some external source. 2. Those which occasion
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milch cows this operation is seldom followed by a satisfactory recovery.
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if the motion of my hand was produced by the influence of spirits exter-
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tears with the slightest traction. The sub -epithelial portions of the
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cases where no treatment is attempted. This form of vesical colic is
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or less poisons to the cardiac muscle and are. therefore, more
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with the members of the Resident Staff of the Hospital. The
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correcting the perverted appetite and stimulating digestion. A change
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of the rumen is in free communication with the reticulum, which is
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In other cases the animals should be left completely at rest, and
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light and it was generally believed that unless drastic measures
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magnetism — yet know nothing of the laws of these forces; or to attrac-
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On the 1 7th of July following the cow-leech produced a coccoon, and
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The others are more or less foreign, and may cause important changes
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The onset of coryza is indicated by repeated sneezing and coughing,
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of treatment by the medical profession is probably the chief
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■ Treatment. As the disease must be regarded as incurable there is
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hydatid molar pregnancy is observed. For instance, in 342
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of sulphuric acid in alcohol, etc., are given to produce constriction of
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beating of the heart, so that at first glance one might imagine an


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