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shows that the passage of blood occurs just as frequently in winter,
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and changing the train of morbid actions ; but this, if resorted to at all,
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sitating anaesthesia, and requiring the animal to be cast or firmly fixed to
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parched .-and- to bring forth foodful plants. Thus although the origin
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air, percussion and auscultation are sufficiently significant to remove any
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circumstances, produces. I do not belong to that class of practitioners
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subject has found it must have been greatly deficient in some very im-
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fixed, the jugular is raised by means of a cord drawn tightly round
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—Under other circumstances the teat may present a distinct per-
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flexure of the pastern, and of the terminal portions of the tendons.
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half of the United States. In some years it is especially abundant in the
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though but a few weeks have elapsed, removals have by this time, trans-
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defined cause. It then develops with the S3miptoms and lesions of that
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specimen for the museum, I am indebted for the following microscopical
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more effective as a diuretic than larger quatities of warm water
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York to visit his son and will remain two or three weeks.
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all persons who had recovered from diphtheria could be dis-
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me comfort and satisfaction, and to my patients restoration to
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flattering prospects and advancement of the profession generally, Dr. F.
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account, was very much astonished when she found that she had com-
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the abdominal viscera, since the hepatic vein through which it brought
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develop a taste for the plant, and are killed quickly by eating it in large
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On September 5th, 1905, the President suggested the advisa-
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acting on opium-drugged nerves, is exceeding apt to produce maniacal
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Practical Observations upon Polypus of the Uterus. 291


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