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be done than to present the facts as they have transpired, in as condensed

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lower abdominal wall, then becomes lodged in the thickness of the

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to give, as theirs to receive it. The fact of our withholding from them

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measures, without subjecting the patient to a curettage and

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the tongue and teeth to be covered with sordes, and the fauces dry and

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thetics and their administration, but merely to dwell upon and

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cally. We found the patient vomiting every few minutes: skin cold and

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for the passage of a law requiring all emigrant vessels to have a regular

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tumors, with considerable perturbation and confusion of mind, with some

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the tumor of gastric ulcer is mistaken for cancer, the fibroid

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drank it all. How this is, I do not know, but one thing is certain, in

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Ward G nurses, and in a nurse in the general operating room,

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pituitary mucous membrane, its degree of vascularity, and the exist-

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nution. Opium, alcohol, chloroform, and ether, as already stated, have,

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quite well as an interne a young woman who bad an almosl

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lebur are reported from Texas as being rapidly fatal to hogs.

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mical method is to fatten the animals as rapidly as possible and

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to the passage of air through the larynx. In breathing merely, there is

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to pressure, and sometimes produces respiratory disturbance by pressing

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in which their facts were observed, and all the tests to which thev were

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quired to comply with the conditions of the National Medical Association,

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ternally diuretics such as soda bicarbonate, nitrate of potash, resin,

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climatic conditions of the summer of 1853," and the observations of the

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missing, should, by that law, never arrive at the solid and rotund pro-

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outbreak of poisoning by common celandine in wdiich tw^enty-one valu-


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