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In order to ascertain the mechanism of this phenomenon, and to discover

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in the epidemic that milk is responsible, the presumption is in

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the flank. Diffuse suppuration may then be set up in these parts,

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Finally, we call upon all who favor the great cause in which we are en-

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restless, wakeful, and unruly, with heat of skin, raised pulse, and furred

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render the most faithful description of a particular form of disease to be

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never prevent displacement, wrinkling, and involution

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imparts a yellow tint to the fleece, which is thus rendered less valuable.

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•small and large intestines. These should be secured in the same man-

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quantities of white loco weed on May 22nd, 1900. During the afternoon

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point to point ? It was either inexhaustible in its amount and force in

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The signs only become really significant from the clinical standpoint

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The abdominal organs, particularly the intestine, are congested, as a

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sists of blood spaces surrounded by a cellular wall of clear cells

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grumous or even sanguinolent. The congestive state continues for

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W. G. Crump (Surg., Gyn., Obst., 1910, xi, 1!M | says that

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I was naturally led to seek for the source of the saccharine element in

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pullies, etc., I may state that but one assistant placed a hand upon the

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merely soft and moist ; in other instances, the perspiration is free, and at

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camphor, well triturated with sugar, (or its equivalent in laudanum)

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condition, and that, it will be recollected, was the final object of my re-

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