Antabuse Opiates

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means whereby a start may be made. Financial support from the
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is to be hoped that the ignorance that has for so long- hidden
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Treatment. Medical treatment appears useless except in cases of
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muscles and to the different organs of the body, ordering muscular mo-
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haemaphseic icterus. Histological examination of the blood furnishes
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pecuKarity of the disease which has procured for it the names of fragi-
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120 beats per minute, and the urine contains albumen in notable
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toms than profuse evacuations ; and, therefore, that in the treatment, other
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nearly exhausted by her long continued and intense sufferings, but little
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Dr. Lewis II Vdler, Philadelphia, Pa. The foil wing were
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manv times producing, from injury done to the muscular fasciae, per-
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the thermometer during the past winter, which you are at liberty to pub-
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posterior zone the sinus must be probed and laid open, so that all the
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There should be the means of obtaining reliable information in
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At a meeting of the State Medical Society I was appointed to report on the
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they are, by virtue of their calling, entitled to rank as chiefs.
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This was regarded as a comparatively mild form of the disease.
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final accession. The absurdity of hydropathy, as a one-idead system of
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fever of 1848. Some of the cases took on the appearance of brain fever
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normal a few days before death. The highest temperature observed in
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have never seen in those parts of Michigan where I have been.
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died: — Dr. Henry Tooley, aged about 75 years; Dr. Andrew M ; Crearj-,
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book, but to enable the studenl to grasp quickly the m ire im-
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irregular cavities which give rise to the gurgling sounds. The walls of
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This hypertrophy and the extreme sensitiveness can be detected
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of the therapeutical properties of the agents calculated to modify the


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