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parenchyma is enveloped in a fibrous envelope, which is covered with a
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over, in these cases the history is generally clear, and the animal is
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desirous of doing everything for their and the public's good.
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has just completed an extremely interesting private course on Experimen-
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ripht upper quadrant, where remediable conditions arc com-
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revised and passed by unanimous consent. The Advisory Com-
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pituitary mucous membrane, its degree of vascularity, and the exist-
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relation of these two anesthetics, nitrous oxide-oxygen and
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Infectious or traumatic diseases of the uterus are of the greatest
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pleurisy, viz., moderate fever, dulness over the lower zones of the chest,
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invariable, because the diseased anterior and middle lobes of the
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observed. In most cases the animal has a paroxysmal, somewhat fre-
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From the point of view of public hygiene all infected meat should
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Symptoms. The disease develops slowly. At first circular or
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in ptosis. Let us, however, glance briefly at s.ome of the proof.
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h\ Dr. Lewis S. McMurty, in behalf of the local member:
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Appetite is diminished or suppressed, as is rumination ; the muzzle is dry
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tal and without influence as individuals, by forming associations and
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rare instances, which the practitioner alone can appreciate, dilatation is
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now measurably hidden from us, but doubtless we shall be able hereafter
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fectly recorded, without any view to such a report. They are extracted
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degree of intelligence, can be re-prodnced in animals deprived of the brain
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Of course, with indigestion there will arise toxic headaches,
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of the epidermis in the form of bran-like scales, and pruritus.


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