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except those born of mothers who become the subjects of the peritoneal

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specially reserved for the description of the primary diseases of which

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Frequently the proliferation is so great that i lUS syn

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Here, again, the danger has been exaggerated. Delafond has shown

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when we left (at 5 P. M.) was the relief from unusual heat in the

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time pushing the fender, carrying a number nine piano wire,

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the foreign body. Efforts to thrust the latter onwards should always

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Case 2. Effects of a Sinapism applied to one of the Mammae of a

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blackish layer, which the caustic has immediately disorganized, the sub-

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lifted as for shoeing, or may be kept lifted by means of a rope passed

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specific disease (such as tuberculous mammitis) is in question.

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the art, the tendency of which, might be to mystify it? Or have we

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ular habits, — was lodging in a low boarding-house in a filthly lane,

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attention bestowed on the subject in our systems of medical education,

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and ecchymosed; tongue covered in the centre with a dark thin fur, tip

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dilated and distended, and a tortuosity of the veins radiating

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these regions easily within reach of sight and touch, we know-

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Diagnosis. The diagnosis only presents difficulty in the early stages.

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of the tongue is attacked, and the lesions consist of vegetations, polypi,

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been greater progress; and, in confirmation of the proposition that

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Second stage. Incision through the muscles and peritoneum.

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which we have neither to dig into the earth, nor transport from foreign

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cable to the treatment of febrile and inflammatory affections as the

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glasses. Objects thus seen present some striking views. They are clearer in

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The want of post-mortem investigations in this disease, still leaves

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short time afterwards, as I had predicted, we obtained the most striking-

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directly deposited in the blood-vessels, which convey them to all parts of

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million, and even to five hundred or eight hundred thousand.


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