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anus is thus established, though there is no sphincter.

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half or complete rotation only one or two fingers can be passed so

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fistulse being distinguished from other diseases of the umbilicus, the

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posite. I feel thai a positive resull in using th se tests would

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The disease usually follows change of diet. When the diet has long

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this be admitted, it is difficult to see how, in the present state of our

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bronchitis or pneumonia, which latter diseases, may develop themselves in full

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begins to rise between the third and sixth day, and corresponds with

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with acetic acid, in a tube closed by membrane, and placed in a cup

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The case I have thought to be worthy of record, as a fact which may,

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Opium and Charcoal — Their Comparative Effects on the System,

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£ase of mice fed on oatmeal or oatmeal and liver than in the

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benign character. It seems to arise from some form of alimentary

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During the milking, and according to whether this is performed in a

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I could enter the uterus with my entire hand. I found it

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ture may remain normal for several days, falling to 97° Fahr., or even

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ing position. This, however, is not without danger, and infection

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until the head bore hard upon the center of the perinaeum.

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found, and in such cases inquiry into the condition of the rest of the

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isville, reported that they found everything in excellent condition.

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muscular coat, was more susceptible than the other reservoirs to the


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