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that it is important that they forward their remittances with the least possible

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ciation in 1848. He has undoubtedly had ample opportunities for

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It rarely attacks aged cattle, but is readily transmissible to calves and

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surface of the body and presents these peculiar powdery crusts.

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penetrate the mucous membrane and become fixed in it.

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All those forms of the disease, such as tuberculosis of the respira-

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This office, however, is so peculiarly alarming when executed by him, that it

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croupal or diphtheritic laryngitis, because it bears a certain resemblance

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paratively small chance any one egg has of completing the entire cycle.

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or by irregular muscular action; accidental, when resulting directly from

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believed that, provided the condition were early diagnosed, the intes-

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Head, while not denying sensation to the viscera, offers this

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to the rumen and to the progress of food through the intestine are

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Without doubt, in the case of bovine animals, the predisposition

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animals must be isolated and washed with soap, and the diseased

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or with some unirritating disinfectant, to guard against peritonitis,

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Absorption by the skin is not so dangerous as has been believed.

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(1.) Inspection, from the side, from the front and from behind, re-

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in the intestinal tract of their constituent elements, viz., serum, blood

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Fort Benjamin Herrison and has been commissioned First Lieu-

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The orifices of the tract are to be found, one in the reticulum, the

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lay eggs. They must therefore during their cycle of existence contrive

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sequence, the W'hole tongue becomes indurated and more or less com-

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the Actinobacter polymorphus of Duclaux, the Bacillus lactis pituitosi of

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cough which hastened his death. The heart was healthy in all its parts.


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