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to the operation, and then its frequency gradually diminished to 80.

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is common in swine plague, and the present tendency is to refer all

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When this stage is reached general disturbance becomes marked, fever

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The treatment is prophylactic and hygienic. Old brine and salt of

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thus going the shortest way to the end of a thought. An English writer

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forms of the American disease may perhaps in the future prove avail-

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may be laid fourteen to fifteen days after the laying of the first gene-

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A specimen of an enlarged thyroid from the lamb was about the size

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urged that pica occurs equally on all kinds of soil, and a German author,

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there announced that in the adult I had found that fifteen minims of

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is more developed, and the disease runs a more rapid course.

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only, or still less marked signs. Everything depends on the degree of

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soon fall a victim to the disease? It is also said that minerals or

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to the advisability of peritoneal! drainage for pus condil

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of the disease, to reserve diagnosis until the skin lesion has mani-

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The constancy of hematuria as an early- sign of neoplasm

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ever yet been published. Dr. A. Sager, of the University, Ann Arbor,

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practiced by myself or either of the physicians in this county who have

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The rate at which these parasites develop is almost incredible, a fact

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found were such cases of synochus as had been neglected in the early

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undisturbed for 24 to 48 hours to allow the dust to settle At-

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cisely the same manner as in the horse (see Dollar's " Operative

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The dyspnoea at once ceases. Despite the development of these


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