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Diseases of the lymphatics are numerous, highly important, and

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devise ways and means for the furtherance of our objects — the advancement

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sented by the flesh, and other nitrogenous constituents, -we appropriate

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lowed by antiseptics like benzo-naphthol, in doses of 15 to 30 grains, sali-

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surgical intervention becomes necessary, and gastrotomy may then be

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Dr. Adolph O. Pfingst, of Louisville, arrived home September

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better, from an economic standpoint, to treat the urinary eczema with

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probable that in many cases they might afford a key to the symptoms

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other animals, such as the horse, sheep, dog, goat or cat, to an animal

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Columbia, following now new channels, produced by the combined action of

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from the lumen into the wall of the vein. Here they cause inflammation

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single intra-abdominal vein having no further raisoii cVetre, gradually

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an examination of the residual contents of that viscus, and further deri-

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and papules appear, which may be transformed into vesicles and bullae.

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is displaced from its normal position and thrust sometimes completely

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assume varying forms, and may either be deeply excavated, oblique,

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opening is certain to expose the cavity of the frontal sinus.

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such swellings is due to distension of the sheath of the extensor

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any time of carcinoma of the stomach, and these all within two months

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partial dulness may rise to a varying height on both sides ; sometimes

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shape, but in adults, in which the body is of ovoid formation, they

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done at this time, except wedging the teeth. After it passed off,


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