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is not identical with, the bacilli causing wildseuche, swine plague,
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of bone meal are helpful. . . . Apomorphia is especially valuable in
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which we attributed to calomel; preternatural wakefulness. Had been
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In forward luxation of the tibia counter- extension is effected by
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Stomach and Intestines in the Detroit Post-Graduate School
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debilitating disease like alcoholism, tuberculosis, syphilis, etc., are poorly
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as soon as the toleranl capacity is experienced bj the patient.
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this stage disturbance in vision and irregularities in movement may
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practically tested, the utility of tracheotomy in epilepsy would seem to
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known to call for description here. The finer histological for
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The diagnosis is not very difficult. Indigestion resulting from im-
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.Ian. 19th, or sixth day after admission. — The catamenia were present,
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by the revelation which this purely physical subject has made of the
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although the society has just been organized there remain only
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Prognosis. The prognosis is very grave, and patients may die in
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sideration of some features of this valuable treatise, with the view of
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"drop" method. Each has its advocates. The fact to bear in
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1 believe that where this agent is used in the manner, and with the
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natural functions, the probable changes winch cause disorder, with the
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and the risk of ultimate death from the succeeding exhaustion must be
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alterations are, in great part, the result of the corrosive action of the
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cardium. If the perforation, however, occurs to the right or left of the
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