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In the parenchymatous form the inflammation may remain partial,

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Congestion of the kidneys is not a morbid condition in the strict

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siderable tonic constriction, but the larger arteries constricted in a less de-

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croupal or diphtheritic laryngitis, because it bears a certain resemblance

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require him temporarily to withdraw from his duties to his patients, and to

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Eossignol has shown that poisoning need not be feared in chemical

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product in not being capable of perfect coagulation.

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stomach were so rapid as to be almost continuous and uninterrupted ;

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On the other hand, the grass becomes eaten down in autumn, so that

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twenty-four hours longer than in a distant tesf area. All these

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may give rise to suspicion of some thoracic disease, from w^iich, how^ever,

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,ith the lefl s ; ,h- of the patient, and is rapidly wrapped upon

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S-shaped curve can be obliterated and the anterior portion of the

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continuance, and indeed through all the stages of the paroxysm; in some

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be of the nature of aleucaemic lymphadenitis may later become trans-

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By subcutaneous emphysema is meant the condition produced by

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sluggish and languid state of all the functions so characteristic of these

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we have another unquestionable increase in the duration of life. The

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activity, but the indignant table would not budge an inch. We then

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disease is much more contagious than that just described. Psoroptic

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sugar-producing organ, which I had regarded as the most difficult of

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esting branch of natural science in its relations to medicine and genera!

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poisonous alkaloid. The plant is said to have poisoned stock in Texas

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had been under the care, and been visited some eight or ten times, by a

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promise of a prompt and complete union of the whole, until the latter


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