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ers, by Samuel J. Kopetzky. M. D. ; Morbid Pregnancies Under

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The splendid generalizations of the beginning of this work, and the

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The second phase is characterised by a papulous eruption which

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The disease has been observed in England, Scotland, United States,

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of treatment has not been pursued, where the physician has been igno-

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membrane of a joint. If the body inflicting the wound is aseptic, a

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septum and evacuation of the contents. The operation is carried out

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are the symptoms which I have noticed, — the bitten tongue, insensibil-

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public has not been warned against the dangers of contaminated

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offering great obstacles to the approximation of surrounding granulations

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matter, first ejected, is a large quantity of thick, slimy mucus, and soon

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spirits. I asked the spirit to write its name, and at the word, in an old-

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bacillus. Since that time no cases have appeared either in the

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and mental condition of the body. He seeks a reason for the

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cessary. Here, then, is the great curative, and opium is a means thereto.

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wan Is of 40. On the other hand, my uncle took the utmost precaution,

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to which patients are liable in this malady. I am not aware that these

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The same treatment may be employed in strain of the elbow joint and

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and farcy are fundamentally the same disease, resulting from the same

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an extra-foetal degenerated portion and a persistent portion about J to

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Moreover, the subsequent complications are entirely due to the


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