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by abdominal taxis, vaginal taxis, etc.) most have fallen into desue-

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the sinus of the ojDposite side along the median line, it is of greatest

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Dr. Cormack also adds, that along with the use of such means, the regu-

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cavity. The temperature rose in twenty-four hours to 104

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not merel}^ represent an alternative form of small-pox. The importance

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a great number of cases, it is indelible ; while in others it completely dis-

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Dr. Marshall Hall has advanced the opinion that spasmodic closure of

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of the slightest excitement. During such attacks the animals thrust

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crest of the illii of either side, with the thumb resting on the ant. sup.

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The oral sucker and acetabulum are present as in the adult, but the

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ing in solution any of the earthy salts, its tendency to dissolve

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attention in certain abnormal conditions ; in others, again, it may be

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Knock-knee and infrequently genu varum will he found. Ab-

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in which 1 was rather passive than active, I found myself with the re-

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sage of turbid and sometimes purulent urine with a strong ammoniacal

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the ninth rib. Beyond this point lies the liver, which gives a partial

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coccidia developing in the epithelium of the vesical mucous membrane.

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peri-vesical tissues and the peritoneum, death by peritonitis is the rule.

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he says, "during its progress, erysipelas, first appearing on the face, then ex-

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capsule, however, may not be absolutely aseptic, and he thinks

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sometimes to emphysema, tuberculosis, etc. ; in other cases to the

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relatives of Miss M. C, deceased, certify that she was evidently hastened

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indirect inguinal hernia is always to that extent congenital

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