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reveals the consistence of the contained food in cases of chronic indiges-

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the mass of the large intestine, separated as it is from the abdominal wall

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with this committee was it possible to carry out the various meas-

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veins are infected, they are neither separated from the walls of the

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Prognosis. The prognosis is grave. Unless treatment is under-

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Dr. Wilson, of Edinburgh, in a paper in the Atkenceum, refers to this

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unless the importation from affected farms be continued, the malady

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unpleasant effects without relief to the pain, we determined to make a

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When the disease admits of a specific, as diphtheria, the

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dition of the system, independent of inflammatory action, I infer from

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tality at from 40 to 66 per cent., though he claims for his more recent

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sphere of our influence, and, at the same time, make more apparent the

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modern methods of investigation, the painstaking trial of medi-

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Diagnosis. The diagnosis of gastric ulcer is difficult, and can only be

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significant, and when, in addition, an abnormal and exceptional degree

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Researches have shown that that cerebi tlu:<l is

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Ustilago maydis. — The black powdery fungus known as corn smut is

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by the manometer, then I believe the chief indication for de-

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healthy are always, under normal conditions of existence, more or

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plished ? Is it necessary to institute an examination of the persons who

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