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abdominal viscera hang suspended in mesenteries of considerable

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Symptoms. In true accidental diaphragmatic hernia visceral dis-

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In the meantime the writer, with the aid of his brother-in-law,

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Was black. The patient jaundiced and v uniting of greenish hlack

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return of blood towards the vena cava and jugulars at the moment of

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In valuing this symptom, however, one must bear in mind the nor-

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The diagnosis is very easy, the parasites being visible to the naked eye.

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for two days, followed by arsenic, iron, and quinine, as follows :

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with the patient. (The iron was in a stove twenty-five yards from the

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The- United States Bureau of Agriculture have found some samples of

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forms an abnormal prominence, above which a horizontal digital

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Fig. 163. — Median section through an ox's head. Sf, Frontal sinus; N.Ph. naso-

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ment ; the external appearance of the animal ; the absence of bacilli

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Even in cases where no post-mortem change has had time to occur

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out exception, from a man to a mouse ; and most animals which can be

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Dr. Charles Vance, of Lexington, has returned home, after

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All these symptoms follow as a rule in barely more than twenty-

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cate, and during the efforts then made the false membranes are dis-


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