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monia and endocarditis, infectious arthritis, etc.). The umbilical cord

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" How would you like the skull of a Flat- Head ? They are quite abundant

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called on to treat is inguinal hernia in young pigs. Although this

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mands, which are conveyed by the same or another set of nerves to the

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of our society published by the Secretary in extenso, or, so far as may be

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were perfectly familiar with their composition, and that they spoke from

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Treatment comprises removal of the cause, and the administration

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shallow' book-makers, itinerant lecturers, and other dabblers on the out-

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tration of a papilloma of the mucous membrane is given on p. 180 of

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Spearmint-tea is remembered as a specific by other practitioners. Assa-

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nothing is done wasting becomes more marked, and is accompanied by

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poisonous alkaloid. The plant is said to have poisoned stock in Texas

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small number of cases occurring on the right side, he accounts for by the

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those conditions termed sthenic and asthenic. The treatment would

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abstract efforts of American genius. But, above all things, it is not to be forgotten

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Eberle and Coates tell us that, whatever the disease may be, insomnia

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has shown that these two forms only represent different stages in the

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The deaths in the town of Northampton were carefully studied during

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work were considered. Dr. Jones suggested at once the impor-

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a lens, which concentrates its rays upon and gives brilliancy and dis-

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feels positively alive and capable to act, without being impeded or

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micriinis. The worms are from 2 to 4 inches long, whitish in colour,

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with serum from others which have recovered. Vaccination with the

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following days the skin is stiff, and covered with adherent crusts

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like the inebriated man, who acts consciously from the impulse of the


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