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fluids being applied to the nerves and other parts, produce the pheno-

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in places the soil is infested with anthrax bacilli. The appearance of

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Tuberculosis of the vulva is rarer, and is indicated by swelling,

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approximate each other, when they have each had time to pass from

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other diseases of the feet, remain lying for long periods. Movement

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The 26th of July, M. Soule, of Bordeaux, operated for an aneurism of

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tongue, which is very soon reproduced after being removed by the efforts

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neck, the prescapular glands, the glands of the flank, etc.

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bladder through the rectum, which is not absolutely impossible, the

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No motion of the child was felt, and no sound of the foetal heart was heard

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ritation of the entire system, one feels so feeble and strengthless, that lie

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stance attained such a degree that upon the removal of the bell-glasses, the animals

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can be explained only by the fad thai there was a widely

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of its antimony, zinc, lead, and arsenic; no means are taken to preserve

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body of the medical evidence. The witness who lias not carefully exam-

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at grass and in good condition, or those over three years old. Calves,

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the eystoseope as a reliable source of information. At first the

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nature of the disease, and renders the case exceedin^lv interest! no-."

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when it is deep seated and the animal is exclusively used for heavy

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escaped from the egg, enter the bodies of the snails found in or near


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