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tion, suffusion and intestinal or superficial haemorrhage, dilatation of the
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the friend who was with me. We asked if we could have an opportu-
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and origination of disease, the geologist acknowledges in them the grand-
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several lobules, one of the air passages or even a bronchiole, may break
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The chronic form for a time escapes notice. There is no doubt
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tated by every alteration of countenance, and by every sensible change.
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wards were no more crowded through their early years than they were in
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Simple perforation of the uterus during a curettage in an
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which the larvae penetrate the sinus. During the hottest hours of the
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regulating arterial action, that we shall not again run over the amount of
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Causation. Simple pneumonia is not common, and only occurs
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On the other hand, there are modifications in breathing without
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premises and local disinfection of the animals affected.
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rheumatism was to arthritism what scrofula is to tuberculosis. That,
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ocal case; and of the remaining 760, credited with debauch simply,
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becomes grumous, serous, curdled, and of a yellowish colour, after-
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of pus. According to Fair, in the Veterinarian, Vol. YIII., ''these abscesses
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across the fistula, and sometimes by blistering. The first step in all
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Switzerland, which was transmitted to men and sheep and w^hich
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(3.) A third method consists in fixing the head to a post, tree,
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That such might bav« been expected as the result, will be evident when it is con-
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and painful. As the disease progresses, the tumefaction becomes visible,
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graphy, medicine, and physical geography, alike see the immense in-
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Local treatment is im]Dossible, and the practitioner is restricted to
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confused with it, there would scarcely be any necessity for a special
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