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up a more substantial excuse. However, a year rolled around, and the Asso-

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ease is more fatal with them than with those who abstain. Most cer-

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operation is said to be frequently practised with success.

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whispering. But not being able to divest myself of the idea that a

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The ulcerations exhibit a livid base, and show no tendency to heal.

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fevers, also in small pox, measles; and 3d. These poisons gain access to

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of '' septic pleuro-pneumonia in calves." These complications, again, are

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her eyes. The usual number of fits during the month would also seem

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and producing mechanical disturbance, colic, and digestive irregularity,

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vatimis in the other direction, and enabled us to perceive the existence

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cardium, between the neck of the ensiform cartilage and the circle of the hypo-

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Dr. C. R. Schott, of Louisville, has gone to Hardin Springs

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Treatment. The use of chloral and morphine has been suggested in

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The phase of osteoclastia is also less marked and fractures are rare,

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The author's object is to establish, by the brief narration of a few facts,

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In view of the fact that in a large number of cases pneumonia,

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cultures from the blood yield varieties of the bacterium Coli communis.

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even after its cessation, may have had something to do with the amelio-

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The physiognomy of the primitive ulcer is ordinarily so expressive

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A Profession that Calls for Responsibilities and Anxieties

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stages, and afterwards upon the more powerful stimulants, such as am-

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ous affections it exerts remarkable calming effects, and in some cases even

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