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This disease is much rarer than that of the frontal sinus, and only

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Prof. Henry, of the Smithsonian Institution, proposing to purchase blank

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arisen ; fluttered out their existence, and disappeared from the view. But

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Under other circumstances the development of the echinococcus

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are needles, pins, nails, or fragments of iron wire. On account of their

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ble towards*the vertibraa. Trousseau's tracheal forceps were now introduced,

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pericardial sac and the surface of the myocardium to become covered

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and prolonged operations where he considered the risk extra

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The urethra can be incised by one of three methods.

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are for the several years respectively as follows, viz: 2.24, 2.187, 2.29,

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absent, unless the disease is treated. Towards the end of the first w^eek

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ent degrees of Typhus fever are certainly well described instances of Ty-

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tongue has resumed its normal appearance a relapse may occur. We

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respiration becomes snoring and rapid, and the animal makes snifling

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we expect this to be the case, if the abnormal product was the result of a

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and dura mater so universally adherent that the skull-cap could not be

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period of reparation is subject to various irregularities. In serpigi-

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which we have neither to dig into the earth, nor transport from foreign

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picture difficult, at times, to properly interpret. The history

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clear also that as yet little can be said about mental improvement after

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October 29th I was called to see David G., aged forty years, a farmer,

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Fagopyrism is a disease of toxic origin in sheep, and is due to

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It is not my purpose to discuss the comparative merits of these

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noticed by M. F. Porter, Fort Wayne, Ind. (Journal A. M. A.

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puerperal fever our experience is limited, but the few cases in which it


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