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infoimation on this subject in possession of the undersigned is so meagre,

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and of the Hospital of Saint Lazarre, will furnish yet more suspicious

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but at one or the other of these two points I would remain for years

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subtle for our instruments — or it may be supposed a series of organized

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or excoriations, or indications that there had been ulcers in this portion

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clots. Coccidia cannot be found in the faeces of healthy animals, even in

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milk. Diet is largely determined by the primary fever, though

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1-8 or 1-6, is substituted for the daily hypodermic injection of

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was used stamps it a reliable agent in that disease. We have found it

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Clement's and Mathieu's formulae have given just as good results

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to be severely injured, the complete operation for picked-up nail, as

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Thus far he states no new truth, but simply lays down his founda-

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In making an application of the foregoing suggestions, we will briefly

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It will be opportune now to refer to the association of

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necessarily unsatisfactory, and used in a very few eases be-

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when, at Bicetre, patients were scourged at their entrance and exit. All

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inches, at which point he passes his needles through the mus-

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lymphatic glands, genital tract, etc., are sufficient in most cases for

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high v 14U-h»ui. Prom this on improvement ■• idy, and

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copper wires. Three are usually inserted, one at the base, one about

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Indiana Reformatory at Jeffersonville, to take effect August

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petroleum, and 3 per cent, to 4 per cent, of tobacco juice, are the

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tion of crushed bones. It is fairly frequent in some parts of Germany


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