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to their depressing effects upon the vital powers. No language can be
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They do not disappear completely, and may sometimes be found several
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at a point about two inches above the internal ring. It is
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nervous energy — will do much to acomplish this; but there are other
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to leave an impairment, either temporary or permanent, of a vital
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by Mr. Gould, of the Laboratory of the Lawrence Scientific School.
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the perfunctory execution of the order must be prevented. The
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{**)HIJbL. " The Diseases of the Cat." By J. Woodroffe
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influences are of considerable importance. For this reason chills,
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containing a bowling alley, ropes, ladders, swings, etc. In front of the
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judgment, and that is a consideration of its etiology ; an omission which
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the parts, and heated to a white heat, and suddenly applied to the place,
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demonstration of the small part played by heredity,
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superficial collecting duct undergoes softening, and the skin covering it
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deformity of the parts, the bosselated appearance of the tumours, the
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ola: much deeper in color than they ever were in any of her ten previ-
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catheter to be used should have an end that may be expanded so as
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more hopeful. The disease can be rooted out by killing all diseased
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This may be termed the period of crisis ; the appearances are most
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phrectomy affords very favorable prospects of a permanent cure.
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quently, when cases occurred in persons without knowing by what
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The problem is therefore still very complex, and the system can
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together with the necessarily frequent communication with the State
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