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sent immediately to the Hospital for treatment, from whence there were
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the conviction of its being as much a specific in pneumonia typhodes, as
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carefully attended to ; but such complications as diarrhoeic enteritis may
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and a very well-marked nervous temperament. Mr. H., admits having
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local meningitis, anterior frontal meningitis, basilar meningitis, etc.
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successful competitor for the prize of one hundred guineas offered for the
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When suppurative nephritis has resulted from accidental infection
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self, and yet something similar may happen to the jargon of the present
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a circular form. In some instances the lesions consist of diphtheritic
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,ng held in Sanders, elected the following officers : President,
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These two forms are very frequently associated : —
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with a very small quantity of water. A good polish in powdered
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Also moved and adopted that when this body adjourns, it will adjourn to
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gate of death the vicious circle of her dreams might have been broken,
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in a man of decided intemperate habits, and was fatal. I did not see
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In such cases there may even be complete dulness when the distended
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elasticity, impaired vitality and resisting power and a tendency
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The patient thus becomes imprisoned in a kind of cuirass, which
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firm, grayish abluginea, but each one projects on the surface
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weed ; stagger weed; false sunflower) is found throughout the greater
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violent muscular efforts, as well as work in soft clay soil, bogs and rice
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Three times a day, after meals, lie down for half an hour on
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Chloroform in repeated doses of fifteen minims is exceedingly useful
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external surfaces. The operation, though not perhaps impossible, is
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gross characters as follows : They are multilocular, consist-


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