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also the table-turner with it. All I have to reply is, that the card-board

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ment, in a case of loss of voice, of twenty months' standing, superve-

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be enforced by law, and all deaths from this cause should be

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No specific remedy for the loco disease has been discovered, and in

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in the human subject. The first case, although attempted without any

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desirable to probe the sinus in order to discover its direction, the probe

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Art. IV. — To the Editor of the Peninsular Journal of Medicine:

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portunities for observing the phenomena of Typhus and Typhoid Fevers,

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ever used. We have never seen a case that failed to be relieved by the

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The only precaution required in making such punctures is to avoid

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if the exploration fails to show disease, so much the better. In

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tine, 360 parts of each ; carbolic acid and olive oil, 30 parts of each.

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tonitis is produced by the irritant action of the urine on the peritoneal

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rhages, and slight ulceration may be noted. The mucous folds are

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or town come in proximity with persons diseased or not. If the word

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compound and other fractures of the lower extremities.

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ing information on epidemic and endemic diseases, and the success of the

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have been diseased before the onset of pregnancy, and not

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tion the clear solution becomes turbid with fibres, which, when allowed

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carefully and satisfactorily Investigated three cases.

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comminuted, and being of larger size than the oesophagus can readily

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a German, aged 21, who had suffered for about four years. His mind

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in death by exhaustion, though this is not invariably the case. Haema-

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We are in the midst of a period in the year when medical science is

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length. Owing to the horizontal postures of the lower animals,

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those dislocations in which, by alteration of the position of the limb,

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from her by questions in reference to this condition, we satisfied ourselves


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