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Such complications as capillary bronchitis, broncho-pneumonia, and
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lish their claims as such, although the late Ozone, and charcoal and sul-
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Only the first method of intervention is to be recommended ; the last
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and tipping. Any sensitive person may try the experiment for himself.
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ploration gives no result, but rectal examination reveals a much en-
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stances are passed into the digestive canal, which, being diffused in the
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without displacement of the patella, and also (and probably more
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a single case of simple suppurative salpingo-ovaritis.
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adopted. They progressively waste, and die after some months in a
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should be considered as decisive; but if the numbers be equal on each side,
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subject in the Crosby-street Medical College. His position was, that
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This manipulation, though simple, requires some dexterity, because
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tations. Between the loops of intestine and in the peritoneal pockets
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century by Jehan de Brie, but, until Delafond's time, no one recognised
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the nine years following 1778 : they were in the proportion of 1 to 39.99
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expectoration dark and offensive. When the disease was fully developed
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Prognosis. Hydro-nephrosis being, as a rule, unilateral, the
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be expelled. The irritation produced causes serious loss of condition,
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of an injurious principle which Cornevin discovered in the seed and
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tending physician directed her to take acid, and enjoined strict rest.
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States Marine Hospital, Louisville, was taken to the Johns Hop-
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fibre, and I believe that in no single instance in this town, was a female of
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ment, attaining 103° to 104° Fahr. (39*5° or 40° C), but rarely a higher
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I have reason to know that plain farmers' wives, read with interest, the


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