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of the pleura or the abdominal viscera. The lesions are localised on
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rope is passed above and around the knees in the form of the figure
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and lustreless appearance. In some cases the animals cease to feed,
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occurring on animals, Trichophytic, Microsporous, and Favus.
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that of the young woman with a pulsating tumor of the abdomen,
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murmur whenever the lung is actively exercised, as, e.g., immediately
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exclusive reside! ice of the mind. The latter is supposed to give its com-
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For castration in the standing position a hind and a fore limb
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twenty-three out of one hundred and forty-six persons, and a high putrid
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siding, as in the accession of the hot stage of other fevers, are more
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an inherent tendency to adnormal growth. This tendency
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Btrument. His conception was firsl pul to practical applica-
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micturition, deformity of the sheath, deviation of the jet of urine, ob-
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patient, which is a serious drawback. It has also been found
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Vermont, and state, that " as far as the inquiry has been extended, the
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bility of infection of others. The mode of entrance of the
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re as renal colic may accompany anuria. This is due t <
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but that when this effect is produced I shall have a cool surface, an infre-
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there is little at present in English veterinary litera-
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the rumen and reticulum ; or as a consequence of the prolonged stagnation
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with an asterisk. The evidence in regard to the toxic properties of others is not in
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membranes can be seriously invaded without the lung becoming
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the case where one form only occurs in any particular country.
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one of its number, left the post. One of its members, a child, sickened
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