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glance appeared to suggest laminitis, marked hypertrophy of the liver,

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According to Gerlach, such crusts are thicker where the skin is

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its money-making, and though they will live longer than patent medi-

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This examination reveals the frequency (50 to 60 per minute), the

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ma}^ be ejected to some distance, or may pass between the skin and the

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to the intensity of the infection. These parasites are found through-

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indication, supplemented by the history of the case usually ensures one

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the lateral ligaments, the claw is rotated successively outwards and

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During contraction, the flow of blood in the vein is accelerated. On

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cellular parasites, others extra-cellular parasites, others, again, blood

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Diagnosis. A thorough examination will invariably allow of urinary

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stripped himself from head to foot, washed himself thoroughly with soap

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it or properly and intelligently to treat it when it does appear.

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Dr. Thomas C. Evans, of Louisville, at his home, October 26,

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with less rapidity, and sometimes to a greater, sometimes to a less extent.

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the combined influence of those powerful agents. Up to the time of the

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I did not use the vaccine in three of these cases, for which

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According to Berndt, infection from the uterus is possible, and indeed

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tional Medical Association, and whereas this result is chiefly attributable to

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turbance of the thyroideal function, though scleroderma is quite

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