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Apoplexy and inflammation of the brain, trephining in
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A Clinical Lecture on Epilepsy; delivered at the Commercial Hospi-
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epidemic. At the same time the prophylactic use of diphtheria
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have been the disturbing cause. The how and the why, we do not
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ward luxation of the femur into the ischictic notch, and also to the sev-
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Treatment. Medical treatment appears useless except in cases of
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rectal examination and direct examination with a speculum.
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cases which I witnessed of the extention of the disease to the membranes
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me before, collapsing with fewer stools, the last of which were small and
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lymphatic glands) and the bronchial lymphatic glands may be so
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it seemed reasonable that when this body had recommended certain re-
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ings. In dreams they are not modified and are carried out freely.
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prompt response from individual physicians that such a Committee can come
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ance men are so weak in the faith, ag to be led to believe, on their com-
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and the degree of tension in the spiral folds to some extent indicate
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portion of the urethra, and, provided the anatomical relationships of
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ness extends as far back as the xiphoid appendix of the sternum, and can
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All these glands are partly accessible to examination by t ^ ^^^ ^^'
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has been called the kygro7netic,6nab)ing them to foretell changes in the wea-
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limited above by a horizontal line, slight splashing sound, and a soft
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from poultices and blisters applied to the chest. I be-
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the advent of diseases ushered in by the agency of some accidental or
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Diseases of the Stomach. With special Reference to Treat-
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Art. II. — Pervious Foramen Ovale, with Emphysema, at sixty-six
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