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cornutum was accordingly given, and soon after she was delivered of a
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Lesions. On post-mortem examination a sero-sanguinolent exuda-
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removed until the dura mater was divided. The sinuses were filled with
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is certainly not true cf my cold pack method; though the lat-
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recommend it in any case. We make to our patients the above statement of
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stately-looking man, with an unmistakable lawyer look upon his countenance.
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nervous phenomenon he had been accustomed to show. But in this in-
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over the whole body, particularly towards the base of the tail.
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blood. Exhausted by the loss of blood and sleep, she merely arranged
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In facial paralysis investigate carefully the condition of the
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found covered thickly with the same non-elastic tissue. In the right
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blood serum of the calf. Cadeac gives as predisposing causes : sudden
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their arrival at the encampment," says Dr. Smith, " we had a violent
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to keep up the actions of the heart and arteries as well as the external
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embryos are found ; the urine contains also epithelial cells, more or
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drinks iu moderate quantities, may enable the system more effectually to
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resumed with the aid of the improved chemical knowledge of the pres-
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Mrs. B., about twenty years of age, a healthy and vigorous woman,
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Yery soon afterwards salivation sets in, saliva being continuously
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The Symptoms are those of a mild form of ordinary acute gastritis,
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combination with brandy and opium, as a cure for cholera. One of them has,
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to explain this, I should refer to kindred phenomena connected with
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has been held to be justified by the frequent appearance of synovitis and
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■^" For a fuller description of herniae and their treatment, see Moller and Dollar's
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