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of affected fields. Cattle are said to take the disease, and in the North
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with a chill, within an hour the temperature went up to 105 F.
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oxalic acid may be produced from the ingesta; 2d, that oranges, and
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a flexure, then a partial rupture or even a perforation of the tube.
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Journal for publication, on being verified by the signature of the President
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cases, as the large majority of those I have treated in the disease have
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or "05 per cent, of fluoride of sodium. Every precaution having been
lack of disulfiram-like reaction with metronidazole and ethanol
ptosis by no means always causes trouble; an infant or young
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most useful drugs comprise mild, unirritating diuretics, general stimu-
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containing excessive doses of nitrate of potash. The symptoms vary in
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swollen, and the abdomen exhibits a change in shape similar to that
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lion, 1901. Seventh American Edition thoroughly revised and
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occasions she pulled the inner tube out of its place ; but during this
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tomes which, although useful to the teacher, are not exactly suited to
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It has been mentioned that under exceptional circumstances the
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tremity of the canal by very fine gravel, as in the case of sheep, etc.,
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This new grouping would consequently place on one side myelogenic
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did though most sanguine persons, and I believe the mental check which
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with suspended or imperfect secretions, and there is a general languor
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Diagnosis. The diagnosis presents no difficulty when the urine
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The famine of Ireland and the crowded state of the emigrant ships ar-
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poisonous dips are to be had, we see no necessity for running the risks


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