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the profession at large, which would result from the attractive force, so
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such swellings is due to distension of the sheath of the extensor
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ported by facts, since, though all cases of hydrophobia have proved fatal,
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admissions in the first 15 years was one in 7 7-9ths, in the last 5 years
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vision for liquid secretion, and depends for its supply on constant flush-
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nant water on certain pastures, heavy annual rainfall,
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letting. I have practised it frequently and with satisfactory results.
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cipitates from aquesus solutions, and that the quartz pebbles in conglomerate
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ver occurred most frequently. Of Pulmonary Phthisis, there died 2,073
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various points in question, and referring to the report of Committee on
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Braxy chiefly attacks young animals, and is rare in those over three
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Typhoid Fever, in it* intense form and when fully developed, you
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neck, the prescapular glands, the glands of the flank, etc.
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cytial masses adhere together, forming a garland-like figure.
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bined administration of an opiate and chloroform suggested itself, I did
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1 will establish in this work that animals as well as vegetables pos-
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was si iwn on the part of the persons living in the neighborhood
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number of cases are found near the entrance to the stomach at the point
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expansion. From varying causes this aponeurotic layer may become


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