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together with specimens from other departments, including Botany. I
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lary us causing a partial paralysis of the parts supplied
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the demands made by authorities in regard to the diagnosis of
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friends: it is the sole accompaniment, the invariable attendant upom them in
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has this season found three examples among 1 50 students. In four of the
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tine, 360 parts of each ; carbolic acid and olive oil, 30 parts of each.
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bile products or stained red by haemoglobin, and the head shows oedema.
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16, 1911), states that errors in the treatment of diabetes are fre-
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analogical reasoning it was conjectured, that the higher orders of ani-
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tion and ossification of the walls and cornification of the skin are
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however, these degenerative changes may be noted somewhat
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Opium in proper doses and combinations in the earlier stages of
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sides, hearty friends whose generous sympathy will easily forgive and correct the
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The period of reparation is indicated by the disappearance of the areo-
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coming in aid of the heart's action, which causes the acceleration. Some-
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one will question the impropriety of thus using it. It is said,
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stances where there is disease of the heart. He says: 'persons, the
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which the previous insufficient contractions have allowed to re-
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again directed public attention to the advantages attending the use
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infective peritonitis, etc. The infectious agent reaches the liver through
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a very characteristic repulsive smell. The excrement becomes greenish
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To the Editor. Sir: From some experiments upon the gallinaceous
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account of its position. Very commonly there is only trifling lameness.
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lying down, lose appetite, cease to ruminate regularly, and exhibit
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Dr. \V. Seaman i X. Orl. Med. and Surg. Jour.. Aug. 1911 ».
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grounds, indeed, it seemed to me not improbable, that — whether by
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Source of Infection. Clinical observation and analogy point to


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