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And some of these were eases whereof Dame Nature had not the hand-

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differ too much from the classical type seen in the horse to convince us

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but in the present state of our knowledge the disease can only be

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more experience than all their universities," and who, like many of his

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As the Limncea truncatula lives not only in marshy regions, but also

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Early in the inquiry it was ascertained that a bacillus identical

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quackery in every form was in encouraging none but educated and morally

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turn, in despair, from any further investigations. But if it shall prove

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city of Buffalo, No. 3, in the spring of 1853, and was under my im-

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to prefer fluid nourishment and lose flesh very rapidly.

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quarrel which gave it birth, we know nothing, and desire to know

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subject is exciting much interest we commence at the beginning, and

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manifested itself in Middlebury, Vt, a town lying upon Otter Creek, a

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country and Europe. We copy the article, omiting the table on ac-

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puncture. Loffier hypodermically infected mice and produced extensiY^e

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We regret very much our inability to publish entire this valuable

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broken with but little force, when tried. There was also found, through-

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effort, and to interfere when the vasomotor strength is high

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the city, but not in the medical establishments. In 1829, when statisti-

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the addition of enough atmospheric air to furnish fin 1 n

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cutaneous tissue, and if the cutaneous opening is displaced its escape

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Dowler, to whom I resigned the half-dead female saurian, to re-produce

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These experiments led to the conviction that Fusel oil, when treated as in the manu-

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this recurs day by day. These attacks coincide with softening of the

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