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that pure, unadulterated water alone possesses. It was not by dram-

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without real necessity, I have often made a deep incision, thinking that

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Dr. Ernest Parsons, of Somerset, Ky . -pent a few day- in

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I would, however, take occasion in this place to express my sense of

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clear, broad from above downwards, and extends to or beyond the hypo-

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Vt., says Drs. Hall and Dexter, thirty cases occurred, only one of which

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of removing its contents, or to attempt its expulsion by the exhibition

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By reason of its affinity for water and for the liquids in the tissues or

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of emollients, narcotics, and diffusible stimulants.

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and conducted by two of the ablest men in the West.

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answer should be, the spirit invariably replied correctly.

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by the energetic way in which the red blood corpuscles are continually

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The areolar tissue was distended with fluid — the cavity of the abdomen

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knowledge, supported by a proud array of learning, talent and skill, was, in

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Dr. J. A. Flexner, of Louisville, ha- returned from Baltimore,

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depth as well as its breadth. Another advantage is that it prevents the

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chronic forms of poisoning — bacterial or otherwise — dyspepsia, etc.).

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of vai ailed forth to promote the flow of blood in the wings, which

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Public Instruction, directing it and receiving direction from it."

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return over the edge of the cavity to its place in the socket; and that

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— others who had braved the dangers of the Antarctic Exploring Expedition,

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Then, after twenty-four or forty-eight hours, the respiration becomes

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of the sinus is merely infiltrated with serum, infection may be produced

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also been used advantageously. The above drugs, but particularly the

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aged 70 ; Dr. J. Ker, 60 ; Dr. Wm. Dunbar, 60 ; Dr. James A. Mc-

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during the whole operation, was very inconsiderable

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and 18 inches in width, and in the other 28 inches in length and 24

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method of feeding results in bolting the food almost without mastication,

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