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theory is that parturient paralysis is caused by the evolution in the mam-

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vations, published in the Transactions of the Provincial Medical and

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By repeated moderate traction on the extremity of the glans, the

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Mamnuuv by l)r. Cormack Association Medicfil Journal. March 25. 1853.

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adding strength to our activity by the power of association ?

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Information so obtained should always be supplemented by local

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menths of June, Juh, Augcst, Septemler and Cctcber, is 13.55 inches,

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patient, and neither of us were a match for her in physical power.

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In very old standing cases which have been entirely neglected,

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procedures should be carefully watched aud recorded in suffi

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taneous abdominal hernige, in which the sero-muscular wall is injured

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patella to descend too far on the trochlea, also renders displacement

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time designated was the third Tuesday in September.

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It is the opinion of all those who have had intimate relations with

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presence of a rigid cord below the trochanter at once removes any

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form little dirty-yellow masses, consisting almost exclusively of spores.

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The Chairman of Committee of Arrangements presented a programme

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i from the peop isionally on our floors, to let us know how

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infests various species of native and cultivated grasses. It sometimes

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a tear in the epiploon, through the diaphragm, mesentery, broad liga-

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across the division of the reticulum, they cause slowing of its physio-

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matic, and we are not conscious of an individual act, but

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observation, but if the exudate is abundant or the adhesions multiple or

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75. 2f, A.M. Tr. opii, gtt. 60. 4£, A.M. Do. 6j, A.M. Do. 7,

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Diagnosis. During the animal's life diagnosis is a difficult matter,

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may not be the effect of these articles uniformly and in all doses, it cer-

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which we attributed to calomel; preternatural wakefulness. Had been

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Inspiration is rough and rasping, and sometimes occurs in several


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