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had been put in operation. It was apparent that some of the

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with or without anatomical lesions. At present it is sufficient to indicate

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they are almost inwardly due to enfeebl menl of the peripherea]

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went freely and unhesitatingly from the bedside of a patient laboring un-

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can be explained only by the fad thai there was a widely

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interpret the facts in quite a different manner, and believe that only by

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watching carefully one sees sheep suddenly become excited, tap with their

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Diagnosis. Confusion between pus formation in the maxillary and

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ted Kingdom for at least the la.-t three years? My own observations

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His splendid wife, a Virginia woman of whom we Southerners

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As regards examination of the uterus, the direct method gives little

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sion and the vascular changes that are taking place as the

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after long standing, but subsided entirely when she lay down. At

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which the population of Detroit suffered more than their rural neighbors.

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in diagnosing either a dilatation or a stricture. The cHnical consequences

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eye and into the conjunctival sacs. The brush loosens, and often

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the lowest part of the sinus (Fig. 164). This opening allows the cavity

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ally soiling and at length infecting the floor of the vagina. In

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pustules themselves form never varies. Pustules experimentally pro-

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