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tion ? It occupies more time, but when life is at stake that cannot and
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10 per cent, solution of sulphate of iron, and solution of perchloride
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the rest used the well water. To recapitulate, Mrs. F. and the
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its effects on the system, that lead is present in the Cochituate
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(3) Mixed milk, or milk which has already undergone lactic or other
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an erection takes place, and even before, the uniform -enlargement presses
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Notwithstanding the suddenness of the movement, about fifty
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when applied to physiology. It is not as a prophet I quote him, but as
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Should the condition still appear doubtful the oesophageal sound may be
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apj)etite is diminished but not lost, wasting is slower, and may con-
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ous influence of the disease, as communicated from the animal to man.
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fact which explains its superiority over aqueous antiseptic solutions.
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heart, I am as yet undecided. Some cases seem to me to do better
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already been given by others, we will confine ourselves to such facts only
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The prognosis is very grave, and in the case of domestic animals
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ment. The best preparations are : Benzine and petroleum in equal
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derstanding; and, on emergencies for which no professional man should be
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influence of abnormal fermentation in the gastric compartments the
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infected, or that rapidly fatal septic pleurisy is set up. Usually the
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five years old. It is due to strain in draught or to strain produced in
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known field ! The Rocky Mountains seem to present an insurmountable bar-
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If this sketch is not a fiction, it seems to the Committee, to teach the
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guinal canal towards the sub-lumbar region, together with the blood-
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the latter recovered while, of the others, two died. In this ex-


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