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a deep sulcus on its right auricular surface, occupying the inner half of

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Owen bill, creating a Department of Public Hearth, and chose

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his lifetime with palpitations of the heart, and by frequent "stitches'' in

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development of pharyngitis in animals constantly kept indoors under

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There were no opportunities afforded us for making post mortem exami-

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feeling exists in the ranks of our profession, over the entire world. There

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son', six hours after death, as. 66. Undertaker's measure — length six

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stormy winter nights ; I lay upon a hard bed, guiltless of feathers ; I

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fessor of Diseases of Children, College of Physicians and

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influences. But when the powers of life are low, w T hen the blood is de-

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remain unchanged until they are devoured by a dog or wolf, or until,

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ances frequently seen in cases of poisoning from other sources, as for

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Anatomy is the foundation of the surgeon's science.

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range of medical literature, I know of no narration which stamps upon

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physiognomy of the patient — the Hippocratic expression and the rufous

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family, who have placed their trust in our administrations to

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jected into the nasal cavities, antiseptics given internally, milk diet,

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central and eastern parts of the United States, and is extensively

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Altogether 66 cases of diphtheria were treated in the Johns Hop-

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post from the mere petty aspiration of being an Editor of a Journal of Medicine.

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and the cyanosis, dyspnoea, with soft running pulse and fluttering

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vegetable matter, the carbon of the plant unites with the oxygen

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Contagious streptococcic mammitis of cows always assumes a chronic

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