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thoughts are not fixed upon the true source of their disease, and they

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eyes, with general tonic spasm, marked in the arms and neck. He was

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often lives with the human family. The pig inoculated the human

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Ivar Nielsen attempted to vaccinate against braxy by a method

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of the hind limbs, and necessitate immediate slaughter.

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*Asclepias eriocarpa. — This is the plant with broad mullein-like

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maintained for ten minutes, when the natural function and consciousness

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have since been recorded are painful proofs that my fears were not ground-

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is deferred until after taking hard food, it becomes almost impossible,

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The results of infection of the uterus with Bang's bacterium

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Ergot of Rye. powdered. 30 grains. Cocoa butter. A sufficiency.

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drinking, and never indulge in food calculated to stimulate inordinate

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I am aware of the inadvisability of encouraging the present

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fatal forms occur in connection with a sudden change from dry to rich,

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Causation. Sheep sometimes suffer from mercurial poisoning as a

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The parasite is visible to the naked eye, though most inspectors


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