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a few plain instructions may not be amiss to our readers.

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The grouping is based on three important peculiarities : firstly, the

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the effect of amidoazotoluol ointment (8 per cent.) as recommend-

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of Liverpool, to which I refer as corroborative of the positions herein

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intestinal disturbances, headaches, etc. She has long been

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In only two of these cases did he notice any cardiac compli-

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the pulmonary alveoli. "When, however, they are displaced, violent

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The symptoms consist in swelling or induration of the gland, inter-

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constipation, without any particular fever. At a later stage, excessive

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false membranes. These on being shed leave exposed numerous ulcers

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handbook published by the State Board of Education, which

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trachea. The operator may also stand in front of the animal, whose

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The use of chalk, iron sulphate, various acids, etc.

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Dr. II Horace Grant, 1 Louisville, has gone to <^

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when a grave primary disease has already enfeebled the animal before

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the anesthetic is discontinued until the patient has recovered con-

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Ether was accordingly administered by inhalation, and to my infinite

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Committee : — Subject, The Natural Sciences, — their claims, relative and ab-

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Cord. Ext. 01. Morrhuae Comp. (Hagee) may be profitably

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Association. It is to be hoped that this paper, containing much valuable information and the

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subject to it than others, and cattle more than horses. During lacta-

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skin, state of decomposiKQpj'&c. These exteriorVqMJWxances may furnish

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succumb to infection produced by germs entering the vascular appa-

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the cachectic period, from diarrhoea, and die in a con-


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