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and folds of the colon, even though regular movements of the

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many others. It seems to the writer that the list was chosen

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N, B. The returns from St. Patrick's Cemetery, since the 31st July,

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(8.) An attempt was made to immunise cattle by the injection of

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There is probably only one condition in which it would be possible to

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objectionable, should be eliminated from the diet of a diabetic.

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jections of pneumo< us cultures into rabbits have shown thai

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The question of estimating the quantitative capacity of

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purposes in the animal economy, it becomes at once evident that des-

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its pathological characteristics. Several microbes have been described,

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reason cases occur of simple acute bronchitis, verminous bronchitis,

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In certain rare cases the eruption extends to the perineum and

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confines within its tracts the true glandular elements, destroying

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the living animal it is very difficult to establish a distinction between

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view is quite correct, but the ossific changes are consequences and not

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I he body, has -i powerful effect on the manners and feelings of a physi-

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which the tonsils were each divided for about two-thirds of their lateral

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mucous membrane of the abomasum shows evidences of catarrh, is

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gested, thickened, torn, or gangrenous. The successive development

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the condition of the myocardium during this stage, even when we

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in abdomen is a constant symptom in this stage. These pains

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The will has nothing to do with the actions performed, and yd the// are


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