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ulcer formation may follow from auto-digestion, i.e., from the simple

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from a clinical standpoint I believe that this is blameworthy, pro-

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What has been said in the foregoing is referable only to

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blister, or even with a w^eak mercurial blister, provided that the animals

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reticulum should be emptied and the foreign body sought for and removed.

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Miss first felt, what she now regards the premonitory indica-

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the (Janges, and particularly since it made its appearance in Europe, in

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both from arrest of eructation and from continued fermentation in the

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tinction to the condition in soHpeds, where the cord only contains one

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gressive separation of the horn of the sole. It is much rarer in the ox

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membrane of the stomach and bowels ; and this whole membrane, as well

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need not again be described. They are similar to those of all pro-

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trotting or the pelvis in simply jumping over a ditch; a collision with a

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the glands, as they are buried sometimes in oedematous swelHngs of

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large percentage of callous ulcers (26 per cent.) which become

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house. Now, we may as well (needs must when the devil drives,) concede

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comparatively common in the horse, are rare in oxen.

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in the legislature, but to assist in educating the public into

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asm has its own peculiar and distinct law of development. But in the

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extensive inflammation and disorganization of the subcutaneous cellular

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In describing the degree of torsion Haase takes as his index the upper


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