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and the hardships during his first years of practice (or the
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me to regard as the best of which I have any knowledge. I feel, how-
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hypertrophy of the papillary layer of the skin. When the .animal
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of depuration, Nature may be greatly aided. The kidneys, skin, and
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* 1 am happy to say that most of this Library is now in possession of physi-
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in three ways : first, as an emetic ; second, as a diaphoretic ; third, as a
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This disease, which was carefully investigated, first by Professor
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understand thoroughly the topography of the lymphatic system.
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B. C. Frazier, R. A. Bate. Herbert Bronner, Florence Brandeis, J.
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that when the functions of the organic nerves are overeome and suspend-
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our transit from the present to the past, we will endeavor to catch a glimpse,
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doses, acetate of ammonia in doses of 1 to 2 drachms, salicylate of
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At the annual meeting of the Mississippi Valley M<
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Bay, Straights of Fuca. It is the skeleton of a man, which I found under cir-
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reveal the 25i'esence of very exaggerated sensibility, which varies within
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mind than the will may control the muscles. We have also just re-
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Full-grown sows should always be muzzled. In the case of young-
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terpine, in doses of 1 drachm per day for adults, essence of turpentine
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as high a degree as that of the serous membranes themselves.
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osteoclastia, osteomalacia, fragilitas ossium, enzootic ostitis, bone
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Symptoms. The symptoms are so characteristic that the diagnosis
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is often only discovered on post-mortem examination. A cough is the
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will have the effect of retarding the progress of medical knowledge, as


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