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posteriorly. In the right illiac fossa was another growth of precisely
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The patient is fixed on its back, and a metallic or gutta-percha
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the various forms of disease comprehensively classed " Mania a potu," we
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The patient reported on July 10th, as being free from pain
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[ii the first | irbohydrates must be restricted to the small-
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by foul discharges from broken down tissues. The only possible
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organization, would send forth from that point, as the mental luminary of the
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pain in the stomach. Examination of the epigastrium showed
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Art. III. — To the Editor of the Peninsular Journal of Medicine.
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right posterior abdominal region reveals nothing abnormal, but pressure
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only possible in males. Inspection will reveal at once the existence of
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The tubercle bacillus assumes the form of a little rod, five or six
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measures resorted to in view of this condition of the stomach, would ap-
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arrived. The first one recovered, and the second died in a few
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pneumonia, on the contrary, pleurisy is always absent; the interlobular
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that transference from poor land to rich pastures is sometimes in
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bronchial affection. As she had been considerabl} 7 weakened by the
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and continued till late in the spring. The winter was a cold one, the
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provide the University with certain facilities in obtaining materiel which
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Mow, gentlemen, il is obvious that laryngismus is disarmed, as it were,
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However, the toxemia of pneumonia is rarely so intense as it is
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creasote inhalation and cod-liver oil for some weeks without any indica-
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the abdomen, the appendix was found imbedded in the n
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